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Celtic Celebration (Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA)

Date Of Visit: March 18, 2023

Location: Old Sturbridge Village, 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road
Sturbridge, MA 

Summary: A variety of Celtic related events such as dancing, a harpist and other family friendly events took place at Old Sturbridge Village


Summary: Old Sturbridge Village celebrated St Patrick’s in style with dancers, musicians and a few other special events!

Everyone was Irish at the inaugural Celtic Celebration at Old Sturbridge Village. The Celtic Celebration event celebrated Irish culture and history. The event also also included horse carriage rides and animals on the grounds. The babies were especially popular.

The event also showcased some of the cultural aspects of Celtic tradition. Lee (MA) Irish Dance performed a style of dance called Step Dance. People from a variety of age groups, abilities and experience danced to Celtic music. Step dance is a form of dance that is deeply rooted in Irish tradition. As you can see in the photos below, the dancers incorporate a stiff upper body with fast and precise movements of the feet. The dancers kept their vision at eye level (likely ignoring or trying to not notice their friends and family who were intently watching them) and exhibited a serious manner. The dancers dressed in an array of colorful, glitzy apparel. They even added sparkly accessories to their footwear. Their abilities as well as their poise and concentration were all very impressive

In addition to the dancers there was also Celtic music performed by a skilled harper.

Celtic Harpist Cate Mahoney performed Celtic songs. It was amazing watching her make such beautiful music with such ease. Just to show how difficult and taxing it id on her fingers to make this music, you may notice a white bottle on the ground of the second photo. Between songs, Cate would have to use talc on her fingers. Her music, which you can hear in the video below, was very soothing and pleasing.

There were other family friendly events such as dipping candles, a bagpiper performing and readings from Celtic literature. Or, you could just walk around and take in all of the Irish culture in the air and be Irish for at least one day!

Rose Kennedy Greenway Part III (Boston, MA)

Dates Of Visits: August 12, 13, 18, 19, 2018

Location: Various locations in Boston, MA

Hours: Open daily, 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Cost: Free

Parking: there is some street parking available at some parts of the Greenway (particularly on Atlantic Ave) and several parking garages in the area. There are also several MBTA train stations within walking distance to the Greenway such as South Station

Trail Size/Difficulty: 15 acres, 1.5 miles/easy

Handicapped Accessible: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Highlights: flowers,scenic,dog friendly, historic

Websites: Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Overview

Good Historical Overview Of The Greenway Project

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The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway is not just known for its beautiful art and flowers. The Greenway also has a lot to entertain all of the people who visit.

With its water play areas, swings and carousel, in addition to all of the other attractions along the way, it is possible to spend an entire day on the Greenway.

One of the biggest perks of the Greenwayis the free Wi-Fi. I tried it and it does work!

The biggest attraction of the Greenway is the Greenway Carousel. It is open during the spring summer and fall and part of the winter, specifically during the holiday season.

The Greenway Carousel is a handicapped accessible ride that children and parents, aunts, uncles and friends can ride together. All of the characters on the carousel are based on animals that are idengenous to the area.

I especially like the attention to detail in the art work on the carousel

Anther fun attraction for kids and adults are the water play areas. There are two water splash parks on the Greenway. One of the fountains is on Milk St . The other one is located at the Hanover and Cross St in the North End.

There are also small patches of grass for people and dogs to play on. They also show film at on of the larger grassy fields. Or, if movies aren’t your thing, you can just play some corn hole with friends.


If you need a little rest or if you want to spend some time chatting with one of your loved ones, the swings in the North End section of the Greenway are a great place to sit and enjoy some good conversation and fun.


The Greenway has lots of animal activity, particularly at night. I spotted this rabbit during one of my nightly visits to the Greenway.


And I saw these cuties during one of my daytime visits to the


Harley is an 8 year old part Shepherd and Spaniel mixed breed.


Max, a 2 year old Pit/Lab mix, loved the water play areas also.

Thank you for joining me on my visits to the truly special place!

Tom Fiorini Sculpture Garden (Lenox, MA)

Date Of Visit: May 31, 2017

Location: Behind Joane Cornell Jewelry Store (63 Church St, Lenox, MA)

Hours: Art is available for viewing 24 hours

Cost: Free to view (unless you want to buy something)

Parking:  Free street parking is available on Church St (although it may have time limits).  There is also a parking lot on Franklin St that you may use for short term parking.

Handicapped Accessible: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Highlights: Variety of unique art and decorative items made by New England artist Tom Fiorini

Website: Tom Fiorini – Sculptor

Tom Fiorini Facebook


You interested in a doghouse covered with license plates?  (dogs sold separately)

How about a some carved fish? (at least you don’t need to feed them or buy a tank for them)

Perhaps you’re looking for boat?  I’m just not sure if she is sea-worthy.


Tucked away behind the Joane Cornell Jewelry store at 63 Church St, Lenox, MA (at least for now), Tom Fiorino’s art, sculptures and other unique items offer an unusual brand of decorative items.

Tom Fiorini is not your orthodox artist.  He works mainly with metals and often times his choice of tool is a chainsaw.  Much of his art is made of normal, everyday materials reshaped and manufactured into a completely different.

Tom’s signs, with their offbeat slogans and designs, may be the highlight of his collection.

Tom also uses his creativity to make his art and create arrtful designs.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I could really use this really big bottle of wine.


Other miscellaneous works of art are scattered around the lawn.

As you can see by his art, Tom has a great sense of humor.

Also, his prices may be negotiable based on the sign below.


For now, Tom’s work can be viewed at the address listed above on Church St.  I am not sure where he stores his sculptures during the winter season.  You can contact him at his website listed above for more information.  Below is more information about him and his art.

Keeping with today’s theme of outdoor art, today’s New England featured link is the deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum in Lincoln, MA.  I’ve yet to go there.  But, it is definitely on my list.


Dock Dogs 2017 (Agawam, MA)


Date Of Event: June 3, 2017 (first weekend of June each year)

Location: Parking lot of Dave’s Soda And Pet City, 151 Springfield Street
Agawam, MA

Cost: Free

Handicapped Accessible: Yes

Highlights: dogs, jumping,speed and agility contests, face painting, fund raising

Website: Dock Dogs

IMG_9966Dogs big and small came from all over New England and farther to take part in the Dock Dogs competition last week in Agawam, MA.



In case you missed it, I covered last year’s Dock Dogs event.

There were two events at Dock Dogs during my visit.  There was the Big Air Wave and the Extreme Vertical contests.

The first event, the Big Air Wave contest, was a jumping contest.  The dog’s trainer would throw an object, usually a tennis ball, Frisbee or toy, and the dog would jump as far as he or she could to retrieve it.

Just watching the trainers getting their pets psyched up for the jump was fun to watch.

Some dogs needed a little more encouragement than others.  But, what I really loved was the trust and discipline the dogs had.

The second event was the Extreme Vertical contest. Each dog would have the chance to reach the bar resting on a hook.  Although the dogs try to grab the bar in their mouths, all the dog has to do is knock the bar off the hooks to be successful.  Yeah, that”s easy enough for me to say.

Even if the dogs didn’t grab the bar in their mouth they could still advance to the next round by just knocking it off the holder.  The winner was Coop, a 2 year old, Chocolate Lab, who was able to grab the bar at 7 feet, 2 inches.



Some people seemed more interested in the swarm of bees one of the trees near the competition.


By the time we came back from lunch, bee keepers had been called and had handled the situation.


Not all of the dogs who came to Dave’s for the event participated.  But, even if they were just spectators they were still beautiful.  Below are just some of the dogs I saw at the Dock Dogs event.

Duke is an 8.5 year old German Short Hair Pointer.

This 10 wek old Belgian Malinois did not have a name yet.

Bella is a 7 year old Pomeranian.  She is known as “Bella The Therapy Dom.”  She works with Paws For Friendship as a therapy dog as well as being the official mascot of the East Forest Park Library.  You can find out more about Paws For Friendship here.  You can also contact Bella at


Lola is a 2 year old mini Pincher Chihuahua.


Fiona is a 8 month old Maltese Yorkie.


Fargo is a 3 year old German Shepherd.

Inky is a 15 month old Blue Merle Australian Sheepdog.

Meeko is a 15 month old Siberian Husky.

Tobin is a 2 year old Great Pyrenees.  His sister Maggie Mae, a 3 year old Great Pyrenees and Golden Retriever, is behind and to the right in the photos.

Token is a 5 year old Belgian Tervuren.

Fluffy Puffer, with the signature Newfoundland signature drool, is a 1 and a half year old Newfie

Miller is a 1 year old Golden Retriever and German Shepherd.

Rufus is a 7 year old Newfie.

Max is a 9 year old Border Collie.

There was also face painting, a bouncy house (I was tempted to go in it) and a variety of vendors and charitable organizations at the event.

Can’t wait until the next year’s Dock Dogs event!

Below are some videos of the dogs competing at Dock Dogs!


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Wild Bill’s Nostalgia (Middletown, CT)

Date Of Visit: December, 28, 2016

Location: 1003 Newfield St, Middletown, CT

Cost: Free

Hours:Open everyday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Parking: There are about a dozen or so parking spots right in front of the store, and, in a pinch, parking is available on the front left hand side of the store as well as on the grounds.

Handicapped Friendly: The outside area is.  The aisles in the store are a bit too narrow for wheelchairs unfortunately.

Dog Friendly: The outside area probably is

Highlights: Memorabilia, outdoor attractions, clothing, toys, games and other items from the past available for purchase

Web Site: Wild Bill’s Nostalgia


While the flag signifying the entrance to Wild Bill’s Nostalgia may seem plain,  the store and grounds is anything but.

“Relive memories and take lots of photographs”, “Wild” Bill Zeigler told us as we entered his unique shop.  So, I did.

Even as you walk in the front door, you are bombarded with unusual items and nostalgia.

The shop is so unique and , at times bizarre, that I stopped at the register expecting to have to pay an entrance fee.  But, despite it’s museum like feel, there is no fee to enter Wild Bill’s.  You’ll still end up leaving with your pockets a little lighter, though, after you browse the items inside.

One of the first things that caught my eye and sent me walking down memory lane immediately were the trading cards (love love love the trading cards for the old t.v. shows) and “cigarette candies” in the glass case by the register.  And who could forget the pins we all used to wear our denim jackets?  C’mon I wasn’t the only one.  Of course, what is a grown man doing buying trading cards and candy cigarettes, or the real ones for that matter?  But, that is the theme of this store; relive your youth and be a kid again for a little while.

“Wild” Bill Zeigler has run his business for 34 years.  Over the years, the shop has changed somewhat but he has always specialized in the unusual.

Speaking of the unusual and hard to find, items from the dust bin of yesterday overflow the shelves and aisles at Wild Bill’s.  Whether it is a Terminator statue, vintage shirts and posters,  G.I. Joe and Barbie figures or a weird horseshoe tree, you’re sure to find something you will like.  I still am kicking myself for not buying that Luke Skywalker poster.

Wild Bill’s even has items hanging from, and on the ceiling.  Not sure if some of those posters on the ceiling are for sale.

Another favorite part of the store for me was the selection of media, including old school video games.  And, there is a voliumnous collection of vinyl.

There is even an “adult section.”  Yes, I did check it out.  Strictly for research purposes.  Old beer cans, a few Playboys and other jokey gifts line the shelves.  I did spot these really cool old cameras and police detectors there.


While shopping there, I couldn’t resist buying this cool KISS lunchbox and a Grease poster.


If you think that is all there is to Wild Bill’s, then you’re sadly mistaken.  Even before you enter the store, attractions are visible.  So, the shopping experience is only the beginning of your Wild Bill experience.

A variety of exhibits, artistic displays and even a few abandoned haunted houses, which made them seem even creepier, occupy the grounds of Wild Bill’s.  Who knew Michael Jordan was a zombie basketball player! Rumor has it the amusemtnpark rea may be open during the warmer seasons at some point.

This orange and yellow “Rube Goldberg” looking contraption is actually a mailbox.

These cars are, keeping with the nostalgia theme, are Yugos.dsc_0432

Those aren’t the only cars on the grounds of Wild Bill’s.  Love the hippie mobile.

Cars aren’t the only vehicles on display at Wild Bill’s.  These boats are also on display.  If you do try to get close to these boats, as I did, be warned, it is very muddy in this section.  At least I hope it was mud.  I think they use a special chemical or add something to the soil to make sure the boats stand up and so I sort of sunk into the soil a bit and tracked muddy soil around the grounds.

There is also an assortment of artistic renderings and statues.

There are also some sheds or other enclosed huts on the grounds.  The first one looks kind of cozy.

It’s hard to say which is more fun; the inside or outside of Wild Bill’s.  But, whichever your preference, Wild Bill’s is sure to grab your attention and take you down memory lane!

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Illuminate Thanksgiving (Plymouth, MA)

Date Of Visit: November 19, 2016

Location: Downtown Plymouth, MA (Water, Court and Main Streets)

Hours: 24 hours a day, everyday until the holidays

Cost: Free

Handicapped Accessible: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Highlights: holiday decorations

Web Site: Illuminate Thanksgiving

Plymouth, MA, is beautiful enough on its own.  But, Plymouth during the holiday season is simply magical.

As part of their holiday season in Plymouth, MA, Plymouth 400, an organization which promotes the celebration of the upcoming 400th anniversary of the Plymouth Rock landing which will occur in 2020, helped illuminate Plymouth.

The festivities began with a celebration of some of the residents of Plymouth, MA and the surrounding area and some entertainment at the Hedges House on Water Street.  The entertainment consisted of interpretive dance, an acapella rendition of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and a celebration of a family in Massachusetts who helped start a charity which helps buy cellphone minutes for soldiers overseas (Cellphones For Soldiers).

After the Plymouth 400 celebration, the city was aglow with holiday decorations (both Thanksgiving and Christmas).

I was a little disappointed at the lack of decorations and some of the decorations weren’t lit by the time we got there.  In fact, some of the better decorations were not on Main and Court Streets but off Water Street like these decorations at CabbyShack and The Tavern On The Wharf.

It is not a long walk to get from Court Street and Main Street.  Just walk straight on either street (Main Street becomes Court St and vice versa).  I was able to take a few photos of the holiday decorations on Main and Court Streets.  It still was enough to get me into the holiday spirit, although it pales in comparison to some of the other displays in New England.  At the same time, the scaled down decorations somehow gave it a more “small town” and tasteful feel to it which is also nice.  Let’s face it, some places can overdo it with the lights and decorations.

The decorations are still up and a few more have more than likely been added.  Plus, there is the annual Kiwanis Christmas Tree Lighting Friday, December 2 from 5:30 to 8 which will really get the city’s holiday season in gear.

I did see a cute dog at the Plymouth 400 celebration.  Tully, a 3 and a half month old Labrador, was in the holiday spirit!

Tall Bob The Bubble Man (Salem, MA)

Date Of Event: October 22, 2016

Location: Essex St, Salem, MA (alternatively Salem Commons, North Washington Square, Salem, MA)

Hours: usually late morning, early afternoon (I saw him at around 1 o’clock) *His last show is Monday, Halloween*

Parking: There are several parking garages on New Liberty St and Congress St and off street parking (go early to ensure you get a spot if you want to see  Bubble Man before Halloween)

Cost: Free, tips are apprreciated

Dog Friendly: Yes, dogs like bubbles too!

Handicap Accessible: Yes, the streets in Salem are handicap accessible

Web Site: Tall Bob The Bubble Man


Not everything in Salem this time of year is scary or gory.  It is both unexpected and refreshing to see such a fun and heartwarming spectacle.

It’s great seeing such family friendly, good clean fun (literally), especially when there are ghosts, goblins and an assortment of other macabre characters doing their best to scare the visitors of Salem.  Scares are not for everyone.  But, everyone loves the bubbles, old and young alike, because as Bob says, “there ain’t love like bubble love.”

Tall Bob was first inspired by watching someone at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California, about two years ago.  The man he saw had made a bubble “as big as a bus”, according to Bobby.  Since watching that, he was hooked.  He poured over books and researched the art of bubble making.  He even made his own bubble wand.

Tall Bob The Bubble Man (aka Bobby Carr) uses a very different type of bubble wand.  His wand consists of two wood sticks connected by 4 ropes with one rope intersecting the other 4 ropes and a ball at the bottom of the ropes.  This allows him to create some huge bubbles.

And Tall Bob The Bubble Man does not shortchange his audience.  He is often out performing 8 or more hours, weather permitting, with the occasional break.

The Bubble Man did have to change his venue from the pedestrian walkway on Essex St to Salem Commons because people had complained the soap and water had made the walkway slippery.  But, when I went to visit there he was at his original venue.  He has also performed at Artist Row on Derby Square off Essex St and Lappin Park at the end of Essex Street.

The best part is watching the children react to the bubbles and try to touch and burst them.

But, hurry, Halloween of 2016 will be Tall Bob’s last show.  Ever.  He is moving to California this winter and hanging up his bubble sticks for good.  I  will be there for his monumental last show.  See you there!

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Nelson Memorial Park (Plymouth, MA)

Dates of Visit: October 8, 2016 & October 16, 2016

Location: Nelson St, Plymouth, MA

Hours: Open everyday, dawn until dusk

Cost: Free

Parking: There are about 50 parking spots

Dog Friendly: Yes

Highlights: Free parking, handicap-accessible, picnic benches and tables, playground area, beach area, restrooms, boat docking area, seasonal water play area, bike path

Web Site: Nelson Memorial Park


When people think of Plymouth Massachusetts certain places automatically come to mind; Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth Rock, Nelson Memorial Park.  No, that’s not a typo.  In fact, Nelson Memorial Park may be one of the best kept secrets in Plymouth (except may be the Grace Trail).


Located approximately a mile from the aforementioned rock, Nelson Memorial Park is a family friendly park with activities for children, pretty views and ample parking.

The water activity area, called a “splash pad” is an area that shoots out water for children, and probably even a few adults and dogs, to play in.  A sign states that due to water restrictions the pad will be on only on days when the air temperature is above 80 degrees.  There’s little threat of that happening for some time, although we have had some unseasonably warm weather lately.

The park is relatively small but it still offers some very pretty scenery.  I’ve always marveled at how clouds, even wispy clouds, can really accentuate the beauty of an area, especially by bodies of water.

Some kayakers took advantage of the warm weather and calm water.

There is also a bike path from Nelson Memorial Park that goes all the way to North Plymouth (roughly 1.5 miles from Nelson Memorial Beach or over 2 miles if you start from Grace Trail which is located behind the park’s parking lot).

Although it is a small park, Nelson Memorial is a wonderful, peaceful area just minutes from the busy  waterfront and downtown areas and a must-see if you’re in the Plymouth area.

A boy and his dog take in the views at Nelson Memorial.  This is why dogs are so great.  No matter how bad your day is or how lonely you might feel, you always have your dog.

There were many other dogs at Nelson Memorial Park and I was able to get some great shots of a few of them.

Remy is a 13 year old Lab, Boxer and Rottweiler.  He had head and leg injuries when he was adopted.  But, he looks fine right now!

Stella is a 7 year old Boston Terrier with a special talent.  She likes to chase balls and hit them with her head, soccer style.

Below is a video of Stella playing.

Similar Places In New England I Have Visited:


Salem Willows (Salem, MA)


Odiorne Point State Park (Rye, NH)


The Elms (Newport, RI)

Holidays and mansions.  Sounds like a pretty good combination to me.  That is what the folks at  the Newport mansions are offering all their patrons.  As part of the holiday season, the Newport mansions have been decorated for the season.  The $29 tour includes 3 of the mansions (The Elms, The Breakers and The Marbles).  But, I was only able to see The Elms Mansion.


The mansions aren’t the only ornate buildings in the area.  Some of the homes in the area are very pretty as well.  Before you arrive at the mansions, you can peak at the pretty houses in the neighborhood.

When you enter the mansions, you are given an audio player with headphones to use as part of the self guided audio tour.  Indoor photography is limited to certain rooms (usually they don’t allow photography at all in the mansions but they relaxed their policy slightly for the holiday tours).  I might have sneaked in a few more photos from the rooms that weren’t authorized for picture taking.  It’s actually kind of a good thing that they limit photography because you could easily be inundated with things to photograph.  One room seemed more beautiful or interesting then the previous room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo taking is allowed on the exteriors of the mansions and the grounds of the buildings.


The mansions are available for tours throughout the year.  So, if you can’t make it there during the holiday try going another time when it is less busy.  If you go to the holiday mansion tour, it is only during daylight hours.  Parking can be difficult, especially if you arrive later in the day.  But, you should be able to find parking somewhere in the area if you can’t find a spot in the parking lots at the mansions.

Happy Halloween (Salem, MA)

It’s official.  I’m a  Salemholic.  Today was my third visit to the Halloween Hub of America this October.  But, what better place to spend this crisp autumn Halloween?

I have never been so happy while at the same time being packed in one concentrated area.

The costumes ranged from the absurdly cute


to the classics like witches


DSC_0394 DSC_0686

The “Ghost Busters”


DSC_0632 DSC_0607



The creature from Where The Wild Things Are


The sharks and banana from the Katy Perry halftime Super Bowl show


Edward Scissorhands (probably the costume of the day)


Willy Wonka (with an Oompa Loompa and Violet Beauregard).  I guess Violet still hasn’t learned her lesson about eating the “three course meal gum.”


Star Wars (I especially like how they mixed it up a bit and used Luke’s ty fighter costume rather than the robe you usually see him wear)

Darth Vader was understandably upset that he just missed Luke and company


Snape (I think he cursed me)


Alice Cooper




Jason (he brought his mommy with him, isn’t that sweet?)


Or, is this the real Jason?


and his buddy Freddy


Snap, Crackle and Pop (in that order) took time from eating breakfast to pose


Father Time didn’t look a day over infinity


I found Waldo (actually quite a few Waldos).  He wasn’t that hard to find!


The occult leader from the blockbuster hit, Eyes Wide Shut (or so I was told)


I told this guy I was curious if I could take his photo.  He didn’t get the play on words but he was friendly nonetheless


And, of course, a Halloween festival isn’t the same without Frankenstein


One of the best things to see is when a family or couple or group of friends get dressed up together.  After all, the couple that haunts together stays together.  Or, something like that.

Some came dressed as familiar characters like Beetlejuice and Lydia (is she not a dead ringer for Winona?)


and Ron Burgundy with Veronica Corningstone (he’s Kind of a big deal)


Mario and crew


The Joker (in crocs) and nurse


Elliott, E.T. and Gertie


Dorothy, Glinda “the Good Witch” and the “Wicked Witch”


Alice in Wonderland


Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf (I guess they patched things up)


Fred, Wilma and Pebbles


And some came dressed in these other creative costumes


DSC_0316 DSC_0317



DSC_0516 DSC_0524 DSC_0545 DSC_0594 DSC_0602 DSC_0641 DSC_0675 DSC_0652 DSC_0677 DSC_0751




DSC_0701 DSC_0726 DSC_0734 DSC_0743 DSC_0647 DSC_0638  DSC_0546 DSC_0540


DSC_0727  DSC_0717

This guy was giving out free hugs


Believe it or not, he actually had a few takers

DSC_0730 DSC_0729

But, the dogs stole the show!  Whether in costume or not, they all looked great!

Dogald Trump was there


Milo stood tall for his photo!


Goliath is a gentle giant


Named after the popular dish from New Orleans, Gumbo, a rescue from New Orleans, posed perfectly!


Sam, the “zombie dog” was the cutest zombie in Salem.


Zoe wished me a “Happy Halloween”!


Lucy was the fairest of them all


Due to the large crowds and the hectic atmosphere, I was unable to get the names of all the dogs from their moms and dads.  But, I did want to share their photos.


DSC_0699 DSC_0714

A great day for everyone, 2 legged or 4 legged.  I will be posting a few more Salem blogs later this week mostly dealing with the memorials, statues and impressive architecture from the area and probably a few more dogs ( :  If I included all my photos from my trips in this blog it would have been even longer and I didn’t want to over do it.  Until next year, Salem!  Have a Happy and Spooky (well, not too spooky) Halloween!