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The Devils Chase 6.66 Mile Run (Salem, MA)

Date Of Event: October 28, 2017 (annually, the last weekend of October)

Location: Fort Point St, Salem, MA

Highlights: over 1,000 costumed runners competing in a 6.66 mile race


With the appropriate “Run Like Hell” tagline, the annual 6.66 mile race spooked up a wide variety of creepy racers.

Keeping with the Halloween theme, most of the runners dressed in their favorite Halloween-themed garb.


Over 1,200 runners, many in costumes, participated in the race.  Runners came from all over New England, New York region and even points farther.  The competitors had the option of running the 6.66 mile (roughly 10.7 k) race or the shorter 3.33 mile race (roughly 5.4 K) course.

A fog machine gave the finish line a eerie look and a d.j. from a local radio station kept the spectators entertained.  The finish line had some interesting items hanging from it. The spectators came dressed up for the event as well.


Don’t let the kids in the last two photos fool you.  They ran in the kids race and they are fast!

In fact, even though there weren’t as many kids running as there were in the adults and teens race and their race was shorter, I think I enjoyed watching them all cross the finish line and celebrate.

There were some competitive runners (the winner ran the 6.66 mile course at a 5:46 per mile average clip) and some who ran for fun and to challenge themselves.  Every runner received a well deserved “participation medal” when they finished the race.

I love the different expressions on the faces of the runners.  Some are determined.  Others are laughing and waving.  But, they all had a fun or a rewarding experience.   I  still can’t believe how hard it must have been to run the race in some of those costumes and still keep a smile on your face.

Some people ran with their dogs.  Others ran with their strollers in tow.

Watching all of the competitors pushing themselves or just enjoying their run with their friends (that is something I never understood – I never really ever enjoyed  any of my runs) in the mild October air, made my competitive juices flow and made me miss my competitive running days.  You know, before I picked up a camera.  But, after seeing everyone have so much fun during this run, I may have to try this race next year!

Rafa, a 1 year old Belgian Malinois, stopped by to watch the runners.


Below is a video of some of the runners.


Halloween In Salem – Part I (Salem, MA)

Date Of Visit: October 31, 2017

Location: Salem, MA


There’s no better place to be on Halloween than Salem, MA.  You might think I don’t have any second thoughts about the celebrations that celebrate a dark time in our history.  However, I have a different take on it.

I do actually have some mixed feelings about it, though, given the history of the witch trials in Salem so many years ago. It’s a quaint, pretty seaside city with a rich history and things to do all year round that transforms into a party town for 31 days.

But, I love the city for so many more reasons than just the pageantry and fun of their Halloween celebrations although I do find some of the novelty items to be a  bit distasteful.

My take on the whole commercialization and atmosphere of the season, though, is that we have taken a dark time and, despite that awful time, we’ve been able to turn a negative mark on the city into a time of fun and revelry.  I do think it’s important to remember the tragedy.  But I am also glad people are able to have fun and bring commerce and happy times to the area.

I thought I would begin this photo blog of my day in Salem with some couples and friends who have dressed up as a duo.

I think it’s funny how people walk by these, at times, bizarre outfits and act like it’s just another October day in Salem.  Definitely nothing out of the ordinary to see here.

I am always surprised by the creativity of the costumed visitors in Salem.  The “Cereal Killer” gave me a good chuckle.  And the Joker below was the best version  of him I saw during my visits, not just because of his look but his personality and the way he acted like him.

One of the more popular things to do in Salem, especially on Halloween, is have a psychic reading.  Each year, psychics flock to Salem to offer their services at the Psychic Fair.  There are also psychics who give readings all year round.


The past few years I have arrived in Salem early in the morning on Halloween so that I can see as many people in their costumes as I possibly can.  And, this year, it paid off.  I saw these cute little trick or treaters walking through Essex St.  I think they trick or treat at some of the local businesses in the area.

And, yes, there were plenty of dogs in Salem for Halloween.

Alfie is a 1 year old Schnauzer mix.

Luna (on the left) is a 3 year old rescue Terrier mix.  On the right is Dobby, a 4 year old Golden Doodle.

Adele, dressed up as Beetlejuice, is a 10 month old Great Pyrenees.

Omid, Persian for “hope”, is a German Shepherd  rescue from Iran.  Omid was abused while he was in Iran and, after being hit by a car, he was left for dead.  But, a man saved her and brought him to a shelter.  Eventually, Omid was adopted by a family in the United States.  Omid is an inspirational example of how we should never give up and how things can change for the better, even in the darkest of times.  You can read more about him and like him on his Facebook Page.

You can also learn more about his story and see videos of him as a pup at the following YouTube videos:

Omid Video 1

Omid Video 2

These cuties got to see Salem in comfort and style.


Thank you for stopping by and reading Part I of my photos of my day in Salem.  I may have to post 3 parts to include all of the photos from my trip.  Stay tuned for part II!

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Halloween Costumes – Part II (Salem, MA)

Dates Of Visits: Throughout October, 2017

Location: Salem, MA

With the record breaking crowds this Halloween season there were so many opportunities to photograph some really cool costumes.

I always go to Salem with the same thought.  “Less is more.” I try to focus on the best of the best costumes.  The problem is that so many costumes are great for different reasons.  A simpler, basic costume could be much more interesting and funny than an elaborate costume.  And, even if you were to focus on only the elaborate costumes, well, they are around every corner as well.  So, I d photograph a lot of people.  But, I also think everyone I photograph is “photo worthy!”

This post may have a little more gory costumes than I usually post.  There’s nothing too bloody and I kind of feel weird mentioning it.   But, I also understand some people might not be into that thing.  I have grouped the photos into categories.  So, you can skip the “creepy” group if you’re not into that.  After all, I don’t want anyone to have nightmares later.

Once again, out of all of the costumes that impressed me, I think the couples and friends who dressed up together are some of the best.  It’s great to see people get into the spirit of the season.


This Nightmare Before Christmas couple posed with their beautiful dog, Bruiser, a 5 year old boxer.

These couples, families and friends did a great job with their costumes.  The funny thing is I have seen some of these people in my previous visits to Salem through the years.  I am pretty sure the “Three Blind Mice” in the bottom row visit Salem on Halloween yearly.  I love that they take so much interest and passion for celebrating Halloween!

This guy is another regular in Salem during my visits here.  he definitely comes up with the coolest costumes.  Spolier alert: his costume for Halloween was just as, if not more, amazing.


Clowns and other creepy costumes have also been popular this Halloween.



My favorite costumes, though, are the fun ones.

It’s definitely not an election year.  I only saw one person dressed up as a politician and this person is not even in office anymore.  He also took up smoking.


Costumes of the witches from the movie Hocus Pocus are a popular costume choice which makes sense since some of the scenes from that movie were filmed in Salem.


As Halloween drew to a end, it was only appropriate for Mr and Mrs. Clause to make an appearance since that is all we are going to hear about for the next few months.


These beautiful dogs are Calvin Ruckus, a 5 year old Australian Cattle dog (blue heeler) is on the left and Bean (or Corbin), a 5 year old Australian Cattle dog (red heeler) is the happy fella on the right.   You can follow them at calvin_n_bean.


This brave cat Oliver (5 years old) and his friend Hedy Lamarr (named after the Austrian/American actress and inventor), a 5 year old Chihuahua Weimaraner, took to the streets of Salem.  Oliver has similar marking as my cat, Bailey and she probably would have hid in the back of the carriage like Oliver did.


I know Halloween is technically over.  But, I’m going to extend the Halloween theme on my blog for a little while longer.  Stay tuned for my Halloween related posts coming soon.  I spent pretty much all day in the city on Halloween and I have lots of Halloween goodness to share with everyone!  I also have a few other extra surprises coming up.

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Fall Pumpkin Float (Boston, MA)


Date Of Visit: October 20, 2017

Location: Frog Pond, Boston Common, Boston, MA

Website: 2017 Fall Pumpkin Float

Highlights: family friendly pumpkin festival, carousel, bouncy house and other activities for children (and adults)

Nothing says Halloween like costumes, candy and floating pumpkins.  Yes, floating pumpkins.

That is what was on display at Frog Pond last weekend as we ushered in the Halloween season.

But, these “floating pumpkins” weren’t floating in the air.  No, these pumpkins were floating on Frog Pond at the Boston Common.

Visitors who wanted to participate in the pumpkin float were asked to bring a hollowed out 8 inch or smaller carved pumpkin.

The carvings and designs on the pumpkins ranged from spooky to funny.

The organizers of the event encouraged visitors to come to the event in costume.  And they were not disappointed.

If you haven’t attended a pumpkin float before (it was my first time as well) and you want participate in the float event, each person drops off their pumpkin at one of the booths located by the pond.  At the booth, one of the volunteers inserts an l.e.d. light bulb.  I think it would have looked cooler with a candle.  But, since it is going into water, well that wouldn’t work out too good.  Then, the pumpkin is put on a piece of wood and pushed into the water so they all coalesce.  Periodically, a worker walked in the water to make sure they all group together.

As the sun set, the lights from the  jack o’ lanterns began to light up Frog Pond.

There was also a carousel, the Frog of Frog Pond, a d.j. from a local radio station, a bouncy house, bubbles, policemen on horses who took photos with visitors and other types of entertainment.


The Pumpkin Float, which was held at Pope John Paul Park in the past, was a dog friendly event.  And, some of the dogs came in costume!


Porter is a 9 year old lion, I mean pit terrier.


Tiny is a 3 year old Chihuahua.

IMG_8932Winnie is 18 months old.


Bijo is an 11 year old mixed breed.  Bijo is wearing a boot because one of his nails was injured.

Below is a video of the “bubble man” at Frog Pond.  The kids loved popping the bubbles.

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Faint Of Art – Part II (Salem, MA)

Date Of Visit: October 8, 2017

Location: The Bridge at 211, 211 Bridge St, Salem, MA

Hours: Hours may vary

Cost: Free

Parking: There is limited parking available at the location.  There is also metered street parking throughout Salem.

Highlights: art created by local artists


  • Exhibit is up until October 29

As if the Faint Of Art art display wasn’t scary enough, the Bridge at 211 isn’t done yet.  While not technically part of the “Faint Of Art” exhibit, the Bridge at 211 also has a collection of other art, both spooky and otherwise, on display in their art display rooms.

Ranging from humorous to downright spooky, you are bound to find something that catches your eye.

As  you enter the rooms with all of the art carefully placed displayed, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer volume and quality of the art around you.  Where to start?  Was the first thought that came to mind.  After collecting my bearings, I noticed this interesting lamp.


Mad Hatter by Jane Saunders.  Ceramic.

The works of art got stranger and stranger as I walked around the exhibit.


Hungry by Jack Walsh.  Found objects.


Old NYC by Kevin Kusiolek.  Oil on canvas.


Frederique by Dianne McAllister.  Sculpture.


Taste For Flesh by Greg Moutafis.  Print.


Electrified by Greg Moutafis.  Print.

Jack The Ripper Rabbit by Diane <cAlister.  Paperclay sculpture.


Sacred Tools I  by Heather Stewart.  Acrylic on canvas.


Sacred Tool II by Heather Stewart.  Acrylic on canvas.


#81 by Jim Motta.  Mixed Media and found objects.

Glass Skull by Jack Walsh.



The Barber’s Revenge by Lisa Folger.  Mixed Media.


Towers of Trepidation by Maria Sciuto Fontaine.  Assemblage.


The Bride Of Frankenstein Mummy by Diane McAlister.  Paperclay sculpture.


Whoa, now, that’s scary!  Prez Dispenser by Brian Best.  Wood and papier mache.


Edgar Allen Poe by Maria Sciuto Fontaine.  Assemblage.


Crime Scene by Mary Taddie.  Tile, marble, lettering, enamel, grout.


Wanting by Susan Schrader.  Ink, acrylic.


Trick Or Treat by Adrian Rodriguez.  Ink on rag paper.



Chucky by Kevin Kusiolek.  Oil on panel.



We Wanna See Too!by Charles Lang.  Acrylic.


Skull by Kevin Kusiolek.  Oil on panel.


The Summoning by Charles Lang.  Arcylic.



Time Out by Brian Best.  Assemblage.


The Asylum by Timothy Donovan.  Photograph.


Snake Hat by Linda Mullen.  Plastic bottles, paper, paint.


Healing Monkeys (King And Queen) by Therese Devoe.  Mixed Media.

Salem Magick Gris Gris Dollsby Rev. Therese M. Devoe.


Fire Monkeys (King And Queen) by Therese Devoe.  Mixed Media.

During my travels in Salem I saw these two cuties!  Look at those smiles!


Rocky (on the left) is an 11 year old Akita and Lab mix.  Joey (on the right) is a 2 and a half year old Golden Doodle.


Derby Wharf (Salem, MA)

Dates Of Visits: October 1 & 22, 2017

Location: 174 Derby St, Salem, MA

Hours: open daily, sunrise to sunset

Parking: there is some metered street parking available (good luck this time of the year) and two main parking garages on Congress St. and Church St.  Parking this time of the year is $20 for the day, regardless of how long you stay there if you park in most of the garages and lots in Salem during the month of October.  After Halloween it is much more affordable.

Handicapped Accessible: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Highlights: historical wharf, pretty views, great place for dogs and  children to play


  • great place to catch sunrises and sunsets if you can plan it
  • don’t forget to look along the side of the trail to the lighthouse for signs with historical info about the wharf
  • don’t forget to visit the cute shops and dining establishments at nearby Pickering Wharf


Once the site of an active trade port and a thriving market area that included warehouses with goods from around the world, Derby Wharf is just as busy and thriving but not because of its imports and trade.

Built during the 1760’s by Richard Derby, Derby Wharf, the wharf attracts tens of  thousands of visitors each year (if not more), each year to learn about its rich history, get some exercise and, mostly, enjoy the views from the wharf.

The first thing you’ll notice at Derby Wharf, after the marker signalling the Salem Maritime National Historic site, is the  Pedrick Store House.  The Pedrick Store House is a three-story building, constructed around 1770, is a historic rigging and sail loft, which was relocated to the Salem Maritime National Historic Site from Marblehead, MA in 2007.  They don’t allow visitors inside.  At least they didn’t during my visits to the area.



The ship The Frienship is usually docked next to Pedrick House.  But, now, for some reason, it was anchored a little farther away from the wharf.


Perhaps the highlight (no pun intended) of the wharf is Derby Wharf Light.



Built in 1871, Derby Wharf Light was meant to “mark the main channel leading into this anchorage, with the view to its becoming a harbor of refuge which may be safely entered at any time,”  The lighthouse is about twelve feet square and about 20 feet high to the top of the cupola.

Derby Light originally used an oil lamp shining through a Fresnel lens (a lens with a large aperture and short focal length).  The lighthouse is now solar powered and the light flashes red every six seconds.

During my second visit to the lighthouse this month (I always make a trip there whenever I visit Salem), some of the workers were painting the door of the lighthouse and they were kind enough to let me shoot a photo of the inside from the outside of the lighthouse (visitors are not allowed inside).


Recent archaeological research has shed some light on how the wharf was built.  in 1992, the archaeological dig revealed that Derby Wharf was built by laying timbers on the mud flats at low tide, and then filling between the timber walls with dirt and stones. Later in the 19th century, the wharf was encased with large granite blocks.

The main goods which were imported to Salem, often arriving at Derby Wharf, are indigo, textiles (mainly silk), spices (particularly cinnamon), ceramics and decorative arts and artificial flowers.

The pier at Derby Wharf includes a roughly half mile walk to the lighthouse along a flat, wide dirt trail.



Along the path to the lighthouse, there are signs and displays with various fun facts about the history of the wharf and Salem.



Because of its storied past, all of the people who died at sea or on the wharf and the role it played in the slave trade, the Wharf is said to be haunted.

However, Derby Wharf mainly serves as a peaceful place to go for walks, run or ride your bike.  It is also a nice place to sit and look out at the views.



Derby Wharf is a great place to take the dog and let him and her play.  We have been fortunate to have some really nice weather fecently.  So, there have been dogs everywhere these past few weekends in Salem!



Tiro is a 5 year old mixed breed dog.  I had a lot of fun photographing him.  He was very playful!



Cody is a 9 year old Tri-Color Collie.  Look at those colors!

I also saw several dogs while I was walking to and from the wharf.



Bradley is a 4 and a half year old mixed breed. I was so very impressed with how Bradley and all of the other dogs posed for me.  There are a lot of distractions in Salem, especially this time of the year.  Yet, they all posed wonderfully.



Luna (on the left) is a 6 year old Sato from Puerto Rico.  I am very glad Sato is here and not caught up in the aftermath of the hurricane.  Grimm (on the right) is a 2 year old American Bulldog.

Howl-O-Ween 2017 (Salem, MA)


Date Of Event: October 8, 2017 (usually the second Sunday in October each year)

Location: Derby Square, Salem, MA

Highlights: dogs and other pets dressed in costumes


Salem went to the dogs earlier this month with the 2017 Howl-O-Ween Pet Parade.

In the midst of costumed humans, out-of-towners and frazzled merchants, it’s refreshing to see dogs get into the spirit of the season!

The annual Howl-O-Ween Pet Parade was held earlier this month to let pets and their parents showcase their costumes. In the past, there used to be winners selected.  I stayed until the end and I did not see a vote or any awards presented(hence the name “pet parade” and not “contest”).  I think it is good, though, since they are all winners to me.

So, without further delay, the dogs of Salem…

Maverick, a 5 month old Black Shepherd, was dressed as a cute little pumpkin.

This cute little bumble bee is Louie, a 6 year old Gordon Setter.

Calling Dr. Wolf…Zirka (Ukranian for “Star”) is a Sheltie with German Shepherd and other breeds.  He told me to take two bones and call him in the morning.

Cheers to Raglan, a 7 year old Berne Doodle (Burmese Doodle mix).  Bottom’s Up, Raglan!

Oliver (“Oliversauarus”) is a bit of a celebrity.  You can find his Instagram page here. He is part Great Dane, part Great Pyrenees, part Labrador, American Staffordshire Terrier.  Or, as his mom calls him, a “super mutt.”

Nora, the mummy is a 7 year old chihuahua.

Bismarck, a 10 month old Shepherd, arrested me with his beauty.

Clara The Witch is a 1 year old Morkie.

Freyja the Rabbit is a 7 month old Australian Shepherd.

Shiver my timbers!  Tink The Pirate (a rescue dog) is a 2 year old Pointer/Lab mix.  Kudos to Tink’s mom who made the costume just before the pet parade!

Seamus The Shark is an 11 year old Black Lab.


Diesel The Lion is a 2 and a half year old French Bulldog.

Lulu, dressed as a caterpillar, is a 1 and a half year old French Bulldog.

Belle is a 10 and a half year old Boxer/Greyhound/Butterfly mix.

Finn (from the show (Adventure Time) is a 1 year old Beagle.

Princess Evy is a 6 month old Newfie.

Keeping with the royalty theme, Prince Cain is a 1 year old Pitt bull.

Sparky, a 2 year old Pomeranian mix made a special delivery at the parade.

Ben the Pumpkin is a 14 year old Yorkie.

Jett (get it…Bennie and the Jetts) is a 4 year old Yorkie.

Murphy the Dinosaur is a 3 year old Beagle.

Blue and Lucy are 9 year old Pomeranians.

Herbert, 6, (in the front of the truck) and Ruby, 14 (In the back of the truck) are Japanese Chins.

Opie is a one and a half year old Mini Daschund.

Lana is a 1 year old Beagle mix.

Thor (on the left is an 11 year old York Terrier.  Oreo, (On the right) is a 13 year old Pekingnese.

Riley (on the left), a 15 year old Poodle, was dressed as Bert.

Simon (on the right) , a 7 year old Poodle mix, was dressed as Ernie.

You can see the heads and shirts of them in the first photo.

Dogs weren’t the only pets who came to the pet parade.

Scout is a 5 month old domesticated bat.  I mean cat.

Bagheera The Bengal looked cool and chill, even if there were dogs all over.  You can find Bagheera’s website here.

And his Instagram account here.

And there was this really big cat!


As the event wore on, the pets that showed up became more and more unusual.

Meet Strider the Lizard!

Below is a video of the pet parade.

Stay Tuned for more fun in Salem!

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