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Webb Memorial State Park (Weymouth, MA)

Once a seasonal campsite for Native Americans as well as the site for a fertilizer factory and a missile launcher warehouse, Webb Memorial State Park has gone through many changes over the years.  It has since been cleaned up and developed into one of the lesser known jewels of the South Shore of Massachusetts.


Named after William K. Webb, a World War II and police officer from Weymouth, Webb Park is a popular spot for joggers and other outdoor enthusiasts.  There are many different paths that offer various pretty views of the skyline of Boston and the surrounding cities.

You can see planes flying to and from Boston’s Logan International Airport.  They are so loud you can hear them clear across the harbor.


There are also several monuments at Webb State Park.

This memorial is named after John Cole, a former resident of Weymouth, MA.

This memorial is dedicated to Chief Engineer Donald F. Haviland.  Haviland was on the Henry Bacon which took heavy damage from enemy bombers.  He refused to take a seat on one of the lifeboats because the lifeboats were running out of room and not everyone could fir on the lifeboats.  Haviland gave up his seat on the lifeboat to a younger person and he died when the ship sunk.  He is certainly worthy of our admiration and this token of our appreciation.  This memorial certainly makes you think.


Another monument memorializes the Grape Island Alarm which was a Revolutionary War battle where a Weymouth militia fought back the British Navy.

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There is also a memorial dedicated to Domenic J. Sansone.

There are a variety of birds in the area.  I was lucky enough to photograph this woodpecker


a sparrow


and this female cardinal.  You might have to enlarge the photo at the top of one of the branches toward the right side of the tree.


I also spotted this bird.  Another one that might be a little hard to see unless you zoom in.


There were many additional land animals at the park during my visit. (top left to right – Nandi, Molly and Ziggy, bottom left to right – Ellsbury, Louie and Olly)

There were so many beautiful spots at Webb Memorial Park.  I have included a few more miscellaneous images in the slideshow below.

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