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Chalk It Up To Poetry (Salem, MA)

Date Of Visit: May 7, 2017

Location: Old Town Hall, 32 Derby Square, Salem, MA (about 30 minutes north of Boston)

Websites: Chalk It Up To Poetry

Salem Public Art Commission

Highlights: Verses from people’s favorites poems written in chalk on the grounds of Old Salem Town Hall






Chalk it up to Salem.  Or, more accurately, chalk it up to poetry.

As part of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, Salem gave its visitors the opportunity to write down some lines from their favorites poems.  Or, to add some of their own.  It’s just another example of the artistic flair of the people who flock to the artistic hub just north of Boston.

Perhaps you’re an Emily Dickinson fan, or maybe Adrienne Rich is more your speed. Or, maybe you prefer poems or words of your own. Whatever you’re tastes, last weekend (May 5-7), you had the opportunity to write your favorite lines of poetry on the paved path leading to the Old Salem Town Hall.

What was so nice about the poems written in chalk was some of the poems were not written by popular poets.  So, some of the visitors may have been introduced to poets they were not aware of.

No part of the area was safe from the words of the poets, not even the walls of the old town hall.

While it is not clear if this is going to be an annual event, I am sure there will be more artistic events in Salem in the hear future.

Is there a line of poetry or work from a certain poet you would have written in chalk at Old Salem Town Hall?