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MASS MoCA (North Adams, MA) Part II



Date of Visits: July 8 & 15, 2017

Location: 1040 MASS MoCA WAY, North Adams, MA


Fall/Winter/Spring Hours

11am–5pm, closed Tuesdays

Open January 1, 2018

Fall/Winter/Spring Tours

Wed.-Mon.: Two museum highlights tours: B6: The Robert W. Wilson Building and Buildings 4, 5, and 7 at 2pm
Summer Hours (begin June 2018)
10am—6pm Sundays—Wednesdays
10am—7pm Thursdays—Saturdays



Adults $20
Seniors / Veterans $18
Students with ID $12
Kids (6–16) $8
EBT/WIC Cardholder $2

They also offer 2 day and 3 day admission tickets

Parking: There are four parking lots in the museum parking area

MASS MoCA Parking Map

Handicapped Accessible: Yes

Website: MASS MoCA

As I mentioned in part I of my MASS MoCA post which can you find here, MASS MoCA has such a vast collection of art and creative works, you could spend an entire weekend there taking in all of the art in the various buildings.  In fact, I had to make two trips myself to be able to see everything.

In the previous post, we saw some of the incredible works of Sol Levitt.  But, there are many more creative exhibits at the museum.  One of the more unique works in a display by Nick Cave.

Located in Building #5 at the museum, Nick Cave’s exhibit, “Until”, is, in part, a collection of 16,000 aluminum wind spinners hung from the ceiling.  This exhibit is the creation of Chicago artist, Nick Cave (not to be confused with the singer by the same name).  As you may see from the photos and videos below, the spinners seem to change colors and design as they spin.  As you may notice in the photos and videos of the spinners, guns seem to play an integral role in the designs of the spinners.  Spinning guns.  Nothing good could come from that.  I especially like looking at people’s expressions as they look at them.


For those who aren’t afraid of heights, in the midst of the various spinners are ladders that you can climb to look at another part of the exhibit.  Statues, figurines and other types of decor are strewn on top of chandeliers.


The items on the chandeliers are meant to represent the days of the past.

Also part of Nick Cave’s exhibit, is a tent structure made of quilts.  The quilts have some creative designs to them and they are sure to get the attention of curiosity seekers, both young and old.


Ad you walk through the hallways to all of the different exhibits , there are lots of art that can catch your eye.




This exhibit, also in Building Number 5, is called, “A Quake In Paradise (Labyrinth).”  The maze-like exhibit includes a group of panels printed with the artist’s signature that layers mechanically reproduced imagery.

Believe it or not, there are many, many more exhibits and works of art I am going to showcase in future posts.  Below, are two videos from Nick Cave’s “Until” exhibit.  I took the first two videos.  The last video posted is from the account of jay sarajevo.