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Pumpkin Patch (Salem, MA)

Date Of Visit: October 21, 2017

Location: Salem Common, Salem, MA

Cost: Free

Highlights: pumpkins decorated by kids in the Salem area


  • The Pumpkin Patch will most likely be taken down this weekend




When you ask people about the biggest attractions in Salem, especially this time of the year, you’re bound to hear responses like the Salem Witch Museum, the Essex Street Open Market and, of course, The House Of The Seven Gables.  Yet, sometimes it’s the little things that bring you the most joy.

I used to stop by this rather nondescript “pumpkin patch” for kicks to view the pumpkins decorated by students and children from the Salem area.

Now, it is more of a tradition.  A habit if you will.  What would Halloween be without this display?  I know one day it will not be set up and, while many people may not even notice, I’ll feel a twinge of disappointment.  But, for now, I’ll enjoy it while it’s still there.

Roughly 150 students participate in this annual contest.  The entries are sectioned off by grade or age level and winners are selected.  According to the news outlet, the Pumpkin Decorating Contest is held every year and sponsored by the Salem Beautification Committee. Prize money is usually donated by Fiesta Shows.

It’s funny how some things that may seem inconsequential and even silly like this trailer full of pumpkins can have so much sentimental value to others.  It’s funny how little things can have so much meaning.

I thought these pumpkins looked pretty cool.

Do you have any favorites?

Of course, Salem is overflowing with dogs, particularly since we’ve had such a mild fall thus far.  Charley, a 4 year old T Cup Chihuahua, got into the spirit of the season with his bumble bee outfit.

He also had a toy that went with his outfit.