Collecting Camelot: The Kennedy Era And Its Collectibles (Springfield, MA)

Date Of Visit: December 27, 2017

Location: Springfield Museum, Wood Museum of Springfield History


Tuesday–Saturday: 10 am–5 pm
Sunday: 11 am–5 pm
Monday: Closed


Adults: $25
Seniors (60+): $16.50
Youth 3–17: $13
Children Under 3: Free
Students: $16.50

Springfield Residents (with valid ID): Free –

Parking: There is a parking lot for about 40 cars in the main parking lot and parking across the street

Handicapped Accessible: Yes

Website: Collecting Camelot

Highlights:memorabilia and collectibles related to or from the Kennedy era


  • The exhibit is on display until March 25, 2018
  • There is another JFK exhibit at the Springfield Museum called “Jack And Jackie: The Kennedy’s IN The White House” in the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts building but photography is not allowed at that exhibit


During what would be the 100th year of former President Kennedy, the Springfield Museum is displaying historical items from the Kennedy era. While you might expect to see politically related items at a museum, the Springfield Museum has collectibles of a different kind.

The items, which were on loan from a museum patron, vary from the historical to the humorous.

The Jackie The doll and the accessories for the Jackie doll was made by the Franklin mint in the 1990’s. The Peach Day Dress on the doll is an exact replica of the dress the former First Lady wore during her visit to India in 1962.

There are a large collection of campaign pins, commemorative coins, stamps and other memorabilia from the Kennedy campaign for President.

It’s interesting how some of the trends and fashion styles come and go and then come back again. Isn’t a famous politician these days known for his red ties? And Kennedy’s famous Wayfarers never seem to go out of style.

I’ve also noticed that people from most backgrounds and beliefs have some form of respect or at least interest in the Kennedys despite their political beliefs or personal matters. It also seems like people respected the office of the President more than people do today and that respect has continued as part of his legacy. Of course, his untimely and tragic death has also played a part in the curiosity into what could have been.

Everything from coloring books, masks for Halloween, figurines and even a record that allowed you to “sing with the President”, there were numerous items to commemorate the former President.

There were also several portraits and magazine covers of Kennedy and his family, most notably his wife, Jackie, for your viewing pleasure.

Style and fashion have also been associated with the Kennedy’s and they are also evident at the exhibit.


There are also two quilts and a bust of John F Kennedy that are on display at the exhibit.

The Simulated Diamond Crystal Sunburst pin is part of the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection of costume jewelry issued by Camrose and Kross of Bontoon. NJ. The pin is made of Swarovski crystals and metal alloys and is platinum plated. Jacqueline Kennedy saw the pin at Wartski’s during one of her visits in London and the pin became one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. She wore the pin on numerous occasions.

Jackie’s iconic glasses, gloves and pearls are also included in this display.

Ok, but does he have the “Kung Fu grip”?


As an added bonus, at the end of the exhibit, you can also take a selfie with Jack and Jackie!

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6 responses to “Collecting Camelot: The Kennedy Era And Its Collectibles (Springfield, MA)

  • Mel & Suan

    Hmmm… so what really happened to Kennedy we wonder… is there a real conspiracy plot to get rid of him? hmmm..

    Liked by 1 person

  • GP Cox

    I really don’t understand the “Camelot” idea that perpetuated after the assassination. To me that era was a constantly escalating Vietnam War, perpetual protests about the war by “flower children”, soldiers being harassed and spit on when they came home, and civil unrest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • New England Nomad

      I don’t really get into politics on this page and I really wouldn’t know about too much to speak to these things. I do enjoy photographing and blogging about Kennedy events/exhibits and I do consider myself a fan.
      I do think his death in such a tragic way and at a young age has added to his image. I also think his image and the politics are different here in the Northeast of America than they might be in some other parts of the country or the world. The “Camelot” image seems to have more to do with the style and image rather than the politics of the day. We also tend to look back on older times with rose colored glasses, as though things were also so much better, which isn’t necessarily true. I also think we experience hardships through every era whether it is the Cold War, world wars, nuclear proliferation, terrorism and the very real threat of attacks today from terrorists or other military leaders. I also think we get into a thorny area when we praise or look up to any politician too much in my opinion. Thank you.

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