Norris Reservation (Norwell, MA)

Date Of Visit: April 8, 2017

Location: 10 Dover St, Norwell, MA (about 30 miles south of Boston)

Hours: Daily sunrise to sunset

Cost: Free for Trustees members, $5 parking fee for non members

Parking: There is a small lot by the entrance for about a dozen cars.  It fills up quickly during the summer and other peak times

Handicapped Accessible: No, the trails are too rocky and they often get muddy after rainy days

Park Size and Trail Difficulty: 129 acres, 2 miles loop trail, 2.5-3 miles of trails if you walk the side trails.  Trails are easy and accessible for people of all ages.

Dog Friendly: Yes

Highlights: ponds, streams, boardwalks, old mill site, old boat house, herring and other fish, birds, if you’re lucky you might see a beaver or other type of wildlife

Lowlights: Be careful of ticks (I brought home 3 with me)

Web Site: Norris Reservation

Trail Map: Norris Reservation Trail Map


Once the site of a mill and the current site of an old boat house, Norris Reservation boasts white pine and oak trees, wetlands and a boardwalk teeming with wildlife as well as pretty trees with leaves that look like they’re still in foliage, pretty rock formations and plant life.

Truly a hidden jewel ( be careful driving to the parking lot- I drove past the entrance and had to enter through the exit of the small parking lot), Norris Reservation is a fine park to visit throughout the year.  During the winter, trails can be accessed with snowshoes if needed.  The flowers and trees are vibrant during the spring and summer and the trees are ablaze with foliage during the fall.  During my visit, it was a rather average spring day.  It was windy to begin but settled into a pretty standard spring day, albeit a bit on the cold side.  You can see the ripples in the water from the wind in some of the photos.

Along the walkway as you enter the reservation along Eleanor’s Path (named after the benefactor of the park, Eleanor Norris), there is a pond and a little waterfall.

I got to break out my new gear, my Canon EOS 8D for this shoot.  So, I was very excited to take it on for a test drive.  I’m still getting used to the buttons and how it operates.  But, I hope the photos are an improvement from my previous shots, especially as I get more familiar with it.

The main trail at Norris Reservation is probably the red trail which eventually takes you to Gordon’s Pond.  Gordon’s Pond has a boardwalk with scenic views and a small waterfall.  The pond is encircled with trees and it is popular with fishing enthusiasts.

Named after Albert P. Norris, whose wife donated the land upon his death, Norris Reservation hugs the North River which was once the center of pre-Colonial era ship building.  Along these side trails, you can find a lot of scenic views and bird life.

Along the McMullan Trail is the old boathouse.  I’m not sure if it’s operational for use and you’re not allowed to tie boats or dock there.  But, it is a nice place to hang out on the deck and take in the beauty of the area.

There is also a granite block in the Granite Boulders section of the trail.

There is also an abundance of birds at Norris Reservation.  I was able to shoot this robin, some black birds and a baby loon at the park.

Norris Reservation is an ideal place to take your pooch for a walk.  I saw dozens of cute dogs during my hike at Norris.  Below are some of the more photogenic dogs I saw on the trails.

Argos is an 11 month old White Shepherd.  I had never seen such a fluffy, cute pure white dog.  He really did stand out to me.

Delilah (on the left) is a 2 year old Boston Terrier and Harley is a 10 year old Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix.  They posed so well!

Colby is a 7 and a half Bernese Mountain Dog.  What a cute smile!

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