Salem’s So Sweet (Salem, MA)

Dates Of Event: February 10-12, 2017 – usually the second weekend in February of each year (photos taken February 11)

Locations: Throughout the city of Salem

Hours:Visible 24 hours a day, until they melt

Cost: Free

Parking:Metered street parking is available and there are two big parking garages on New Liberty St and Congress St

The Downtown Garage (New Liberty St) costs $0.75 per hour.

The Waterfront Garage (Congress St) costs $0.25 per hour.

Both garages operate from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM Sunday through Wednesday and from 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM Thursday through Saturday.

Public Transportation: The MBTA’s Commuter Rail has a stop which deposits its passengers right at Washington St.  $15 for a round trip ticket from North Station (fares vary depending upon where you leave from and where you are going)

MBTA Commuter Rail

Handicapped Accessible: Yes, but some roads and sidewalks are not shoveled well

Dog Friendly: Yes

Highlights: 26 Ice Sculptures scattered throughout the city of Salem, many sculptures are lit up at night, some shops and businesses offer discounts as part of the event

Web Site: Salem’s So Sweet


Proving once again they are not exclusively a Fall destination, Salem Massachusetts has outdone itself with a sweet display of ice sculptures.

Widely known for their Halloween festivities, Salem has been trying to make their city a year round attraction for some time.  In fact, this weekend’s festivities were the 15th annual “Salem’s So Sweet” event.

The Salem’s So Sweet festivities began Friday night, February 10, with a chocolate and wine tasting at Colonial Hall at Rockafellas ($30 tickets).  Yum!

The sculptures look so much better when they are illuminated.  This was only the second year they illuminated the sculptures (at 5 p.m.) and not all of them were illuminated during my visit.  I was able to photograph all of the sculptures (except for the Han Solo sculpture which was not completed when I visited) and I photographed almost half off the illuminated sculptures.

The illuminated sculptures look better the later and darker it gets.  So, I stayed as late as I could to capture the beauty of the lighting against the dark background.  I also thought the holiday lights (still up in February) and of course the snow gave the photos a nice touch.

Since we had some inclement weather and the roads were snowy and icy, I elected to take the train into Salem.  It took a little longer than driving (not taking into account any accidents that may occur) but the transfers can be a hassle, especially having to cross the street from Park Street to get the train at North Station.

In any event, the train ride is comfortable and there are some pretty views along the way.

The 26 ice sculptures (25 not including the missing sculpture) are scattered around Salem although many of them are located in about a mile or two mile radius (on Essex, Washington and Hawthorn streets/boulevard).  The trickiest part is trying to get to the sculptures that are located on the outskirts (such as Bridge St and Derby St.  A trolley was planned to transport visitors to each of the sculptures but due to the inclement weather that plan was scrapped this year.

It’s a great activity for families and I saw quite a few parents and children looking for each sculpture and excitedly checking the sculpture off their list.  The children especially seemed to like hunting for each one.  Each sculpture is clearly marked and pretty easy to find if you use the map.  The Visitor Center also has bigger maps than the one on the web site and they are of course very helpful.

While they are generally located near each other by number, sometimes it’s easier to map out your own route and find them on your own regardless of the number of the sculpture which is what I did. I have included photos of the sculptures lit up as well if I was able to see them illuminated.  They look so much better when they are lit up!

The first set of photographs were located at or near Lappin Park, near the Bewitched Statue.  The first ice sculpture is Globe, sponsored by The Journeymasters

Han Solo is the second sculpture on their list.  Unfortunately, Han’s Falcon got stuck in traffic so his sculpture was not available to be photographed.

As if you haven’t seen enough of them yet, the third sculpture is a snowflake sponsored by Laura Lanes Skin Care.

Some of the lighted sculptures changed colors like this one sponsored by Salem State University; Opening of Sophia Gordon Center.

Accross from Lappin Park, on Washington St, is the ice sculpture at Rockafella’s.  The Rockafella’s Ice Bar is like a frozen patio.  The cold weather and icy bar didn’t stop them from grilling and enjoying the fresh air. At least you didn’t have to worry about your beer getting warm.

Farther down Washington St is Champagne sponsored by Adriaatic Restaurant & Bar.

Sponsored by Creative Salem, Hawthorne Hotel and Retonica and located on Front St is the ice sculpture Reflections.  This one was cool because you could stand behind the sculpture and act as though you are the reflection.

Next to the Reflections sculpture is Cinderella’s Carriage, also on Front St,sponsored by  Maria’s Sweet Somethings.  From a distance, if you look at a certain angle, you can almost see some driving the carriage with a top hat on.  Go on, let me know if you see it too.

The next ice sculpture on the list is Fish sponsored by Koto and located on Washington St.

The next ice sculpture is Lobster Love located at Turner’s Seafood on Church St.  This sculpture also changes colors when illuminated.

This sculpture is located by the Salem Cinema.  It is called Salem Film Fest 2017.

On St Peter St at Bit Bar is Arcade.

The next group of sculptures are all located on the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall and one on Central St which is an alley off the pedestrian mall walkway.

Green Tara, sponsored by Coon’s Card and Gift Shop, Penelope’s Pet Boutique and Tibet’s Art & Healing.

On the other side of the walkway, very close to Tara is Bella The Goat sponsored by Bella Research Group.  Bella’s sculpture also changed colors while it was lit.

Off Essex St on Central St is the Steampunk Heart ice sculpture.

The next two sculptures are both back on Essex St Pedestrian Mall.  This ice sculpture is located in front of the Peabody Essex Museum.  It is called Red Stiletto with Honda Engine and it was sculpted by David Crow.

On the other side of the walkway in front of the Museum Mall Place and very close to the red stiletto sculpture is the Winnie The Pooh ice sculpture.  Winnie doesn’t look very happy!

The next sculptures are located on Hawthorne Blvd and Essex St.  Sweet Jane’s Sweet Savings is located on Hawthorne Blvd.


Queen Of Hearts is located across the street on Essex St.


The following ice sculptures are located on or off Derby and New Derby St.  Mug is located at the Notch Brewery and Tap Room.

These two sculptures are located at the Waterfront Hotel and Regata Ice Bar.  t first glance, it looks like one sculpture but they are actually two separate sculptures.

Across the street from the Waterfron Hotel is the Rumson’s Rum ice sculpture.

Candy is located in front of the House Of The Seven Gables and, aptly, across the street from Ye Olde Pepper Company (America’s oldest candy company).  Yes, those are real candies.  No, I did not eat any of them.

From Derby St, you would have to backtrack towards N. Washington St, near the Salem Commons to find Ruby Slippers located at the Salem Witch Museum.  And, yes, I agree.

The next ice sculpture is a little bit of a walk.  Bakery is located in the parking lot of Coffee Time Bake Shop (96 Bridge St).  In fact, you may want to drive to this sculpture.

And, yes, of course, there were lots of dogs in Salem checking out the sculptures.

Emmett is a 4 year old Cockapoo.  Look at those cute shoes!

Mattie is 7 years old.  She was bundled up for the cold weather!  She is also very well trained.

All of the dogs in Salem were prepared for the cold weather.  These dogs had some beautiful sweaters on keeping them both warm and fashionable.

I am not sure how long the sculptures are being displayed.  Between our erratic weather and hooligans who seem to get their kicks smashing ice art, I would suggest going soon to check them out before they’re gone!

Below is a video of the Bella The Goat ice sculpture changes colors.

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