Ordinary Matter (Boston Convention Center, South Boston, MA)

Date Of Visit: January 12, 2017

Location: Boston Convention Center (415 Summer St, Boston, MA)

Hours: Reception was January 21, 2017, 6-8.

Cost: Free

Parking: If you choose to park in their garage:

Weekday Rates:
0 – 1 Hour: $12
1 – 2 Hours: $18
2 -3 Hours: $24
3 – 10 Hours: $28
10 – 24 Hours: $32
Weeknight Rates:
Evenings: Enter Mon-Fri, 4 p.m. – 6 a.m., Exit before 8 a.m.
0 – 1 Hour: $10
1 – 3 Hours: $14
Over 3 Hours (until 8 a.m.): $18
Weekend Rates:
Sat, Sun & Holidays – Enter after 6 a.m., Exit before 8 a.m. the next day. 
0 – 1 Hour: $10
1 – 3 Hours: $14
Over 3 Hours (until 8 a.m.): $18
Monthly Passes:
Monthly – Reserved (limited availability): $500
Monthly – 24/7: $375
Monthly – Weekday Only: $350
Monthly – Nights/Weekends: $150
(Mon-Fri, in after 4 p.m., out by 10 a.m.; Weekends & Holidays, all day)
There is sometimes metered street parking available or other parking garges in the area.
Also, the Boston Convention Center is within walking distance ( 1 mile) from the South Station MBTA stop on the Red line and about half a milr from the World Trade Center  Green Line stop)
Handicapped Accessible: Yes
Web Site: Ordinary Matter
It’s amazing how the ordinary things in life can bring us so much joy and make us content.  But, such is the art exhibit now being displayed at the Boston Convention Center in South Boston, MA.

During my visit to the New England International Auto Show, I noticed some striking art work in the lobby of the Boston Convention Center.

Ordinary Matter is an art exhibit that celebrates the history of still life.  Still life art is said to have began in  ancient Egypt and later became popularized by Dutch still life painters.  Now, it is a big hit in Boston.

The exhibit featured 9 the works of nine Massachusetts artists whose works were hung in the lobby area of the Boston “Convention Center.


“Still Life” (2011) by Patricia Busso is an acrylic on wood painting.  According to the placard next to the painting, Patricia says that painting reminds her to take time to absorb the natural world.  She hopes her work is evocative of the unassuming beauty she seeks in the natural world.


Brett X Gamache’s “Fish On A Yellow Plate” (2010) is a photographic reproduction of oil on canvas.  Brett, who lives and works in Salem (MA), has a MFA from the University of New Hampshire and a BFA from Mass Art.


“Britton Gyre” (2012) by Nicole Duennebier is a photographic reproduction of acrylic on wood panel.  A Hartford, CT  native, Nicole received her Bachelor in Fine Arts at Maine College of Art with a major in painting.  She says she saw a natural connection between the darkness and the intricacy of undersea regions and the aesthetic of 16th century Dutch still life painting.


From a distance, this looked like a real shelf with mugs and other beverageware.  But, “Still Life With Seven Objects” (2010) is a photographic reproduction of oil on canvas painted by David Harrison.  He received his BFA in fine arts/painting from Maryland Institute College of Art.


“Hidden Window” (2015) by Michael Zachary is a photographic reproduction of hand-drawn marks.  He holds a BA from Bowdoin College and an MFA from Massachusetts College of Art.  His work has been featured in many exhibitions such as the Lux Eros Gallery in Los Angeles.


Why am I hungry all of a sudden?  “Checkout” (2015) is an ink and digital work of art by Corey Corcoran.  Corey earned a BA at Massachusetts College of Art and he completed a residency at Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT.  His work has been displayed at a variety of venues nation wide.


“Wherever You Rest Your Head” (2015) is a photographic reproduction of crayon, ink, gouache, oil pastel and acrylic on paper by Elisa H. Hamilton.  Elisa is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she earned a BFA in Painting.  Her work has been shown in a varieety of exhibitions.


“Sunflowers In Mason Jar” (2005) by Maureen O’Connor is a photographic reproduction of oil on wood panel.  She earned a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art And Design.  Her work has been shown extensively throughout the country.







This reminds me, where did I leave my keys?  I know they’re somewhere around here.  Anyways,  “Clink” (2008) by J.B. Jones is an oil on canvas painting.  An architect by profession, J.B.’s works can be found in private and corpofrate collections throughout New England.  He says his goal is to “create paintings from which the viewer might bring back one small pearl of real feeling.”

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