SoWa (Boston, MA)


Date of Event: October 30, 3016

Location: 375 Harrison Blvd, Boston, MA

Hours: Every Sunday, May 1 – October 31, 10-4 with special events throughout the year

Cost: Admission is free

Parking: There is limited free parking on Thayer St for up to 90 minutes.  There is also metered on street parking and garages on Albany and Harrison streets and other garages in the area.

Handicapped Accessible: Yes

Dog Friendly: Yes

Highlights: Graffiti artists, vendors, dj, costume contest

Web Site: SoWa Boston

SoWa, South of Washington (Street), is an outdoor entertainment/shopping/food festival held in Boston on every Sunday from May until October (weather permitting).  I made it to the last SoWa of the season on October 30.  There will be another SoWa Winter festival scheduled for the weekend of Dec 2-4 at the Harrison Ave venue.

Before I entered the venue, I saw lots of graffiti on the exterior of the area and on some nearby buildings.

SoWa was held in an empty lot off Harrison Blvd, a busy side street in Boston.  You could see views of the skyline from the parking lot.

For a small area, they had a lot to do there from pumpkin decorating, a costume contest and a dj with dancing.  Bon Me, Sante and Chik Chak had food trucks there, providing a variety of food choices.

As a side note, it is really so much more than a shopping festival.  I really had  alot more fun than I had expected.  The people are very friendly and the entertainment, as you will see, was very, well,…entertaining.

People,as well as dogs, came dressed up on costume to SoWa.

The great thing about SoWa and other local shopping and entertainment festivals is that you get to promoted and support local artisans.  I found a few interesting shops there.

Another thing that really stood out to me was how it is such a family friendly atmosphere.  I didn’t hear one person swear or do or say anything unruly.  In fact, many of the artists had their children stop by and spend time with them as they worked on their piece.

Also, the camaraderie they have for each other was noticeable.  It didn’t seem like they were competing against each other, even though they took a great deal of pride in their work.  Artists shared spray cans, complimented each other and jokes with each other.

The artists worked on blank canvases and started with their own sketches from pictures or diagrams they had on sheets of paper.  I am not sure but I think they added their own flavor to some of the artwork.

The tools of the trade.


As they kept working, you could see the art coming together.  They worked fast.  Most started at 11 and were done by 4.  I appreciated how they kept adding tone and contrast too the art in an effort to perfect their piece.  They weren’t satisfied until every piece was just so.  In fact, I had to leave a little after 4, after being there for several hours.  So, some of the pieces may not have been completely finished by the time I left.

As they kept working, you could see their art come together.  it’s very cool how they seem to work so casually and yet, at the same time, so deliberately.

The completed versions of their art works contrasted sharply from the begining of their art or the way it looked half way through.

SoWa is a pet friendly event.  Since this particular event took place the day before Halloween there were quite a few dogs in costume at the event.

I actually met a few cute dogs before the event started.


Eloise is a 2 year old YorkieTerrier rescue dog with an Instagram account!  You can follow her on her travels at @eloisethedog (

Penny is  French bulldog.  I had to stand next to her mommy so she would look at me!

At the actual event, I met a variety of dogs.

Fitz, a Yorkie, looked very patriotic in his red, white and blue outfit.

Otis, a 9 month old and 90 pound bullmastiff/bulldog mix, was helping his mom sell collars.  You can check out his mom’s store at Wiggle Collars.

Lyla is a 7.5 month shark, I mean mixed breed.  I like how everyone stood around her as I photographed her as though it was a real photo shoot.

Twain, dressed as a pumpkin, is a 4 year old terrier mix.

Gus, dressed as Tootsie Roll, is a one and half year old Lagotto Romagnolo.  There, say that three times fast.  Lagotto Romagnolos are better known as Italian Waterdogs.


Sissy (the dog on the left) and Lilly (on the right) are 10 month old Yorkies.

Zoey, a 7 month old chihuahua, wore her spider outfit to the festival.  Her pet parents, Kyle and Jessica, were working at Intrinsic Journeys when I saw her.

Birdie, a golden retriever, was one hot dog!

Rogue, a 1 year old Shih Tzu mix, wore a very creative costume.

And there was this wonder dog whose name and breed I did not get.

Below are two videos.  The first video is of the artists working on their art.  The second video is a video of the works of art in their final or near their final stages.


Please connect with me on Facebook to view photos, videos and other content not included in this blog.  Here is a sneak peak at something that I posted from my Facebook page:

Creepy or cool? You be the judge.

Periodically, the Fort Point area in Boston by the Congress St Bridge will host different floating art works. Last year, there were (floating) sheep in the water. Now, there are orange people in the water.

Created by Ann Hirsch and Jeremy Angier (known as A+J Art + Design), “S.O.S.” (“Save Our Swimmers”) is a statement on the immigration and refugee crisis. The 22 orange “people” are said to be refugees clinging on for dear life.

Most seem creeped out by it, except the cormorant who found a nice place to rest.

(photos taken 10-12-16)


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