Happy Halloween (Salem, MA)

Dates Of Visits: October 22 & 29, 2016

Location: Salem, MA

Parking: Very limited during Halloween but you can find lots of parking at the New Liberty and Congress St parking garages and there is metered parkign available as well after Halloween season.

Handicapped Accessible: Salem’s streets are handicapped accessible and most buildings are as well.

October is full of scares and excitement in Salem, MA.  And this year was no different.  I saw so many cool, funny and, yes at times scary, people, pets and other things this year in Salem.  Since I saw so many interesting things in Salem, I am breaking up my posts into several posts so I don’t go overboard with my images in each post since they can take a very long time to download, especially on mobile devices.  And, believe it or not, there are so many interesting things in Salem all year round (not just during Halloween) but particularly during the fall.  From the street performers, the, in some cases, elaborate decorations and the historical aspects of the city, tthere are so many things to post about.  I will post the highlights from my Halloween day visit very soon.

Today’s post focuses mostly on the costumed people and the pets of Salem.  I still have many more photos of costumed people that I will post soon.  But, for the sake of time and space I am including these photos in chronological order from the earliest to the most recent.  There were quite a few politicians at Salem (Donald and Hillary were even seen together).  Poor Bernie was by himself and could only shrug his shoulders and say “Sure” when I asked for a photograph.

Some of the costumes are self explanatory, others not so much.  I’ll help where I can.

The three women with sticks and shades on are the three blind mice.  In the second to last row of photographs next to Jason and his monster friend are the 80s candy “Nerds.”  In the bottom row to the left are the cat and “crazy cat lady.”

Throughout my visits to Salem this past month I saw so many cute dogs.  Whether in costume or au naturel, they all looked very cute!

Lulu is an 8 year old Australian Sheepdog.  I love the different colored ears and the way she looks likes she is smiling in the second photo.


What a wonderful pose Bella struck for me!  The 1 year old Havanese (yes I had to look it up too) looks cute in her Stegosaurus costume.

Honey got into the festivities with her black and orange collar.

Eva is a 2 and a half year old mixed breed rescue dog.  Another happy dog in the city.


Fenway is a 5 year old Papipoo (Papillon Poodle mix).  He also has his own Facebook page at Fenway’s Aventures as well as an Instagran account @FenwaysAdventures a Twitter account @FenwayPuppy as well as a Snapchat account: @TheFenwayPuppy.  He’s got more socal media accounts than I do!

Unfortunately, I when I washed my pants the list of dogs and their ages and breeds were still in my pants pocket and my memory isn’t what it used to be.  So, I apologize for not remembering all of these beautiful dogs’ names.

It is also important to remember what Salem is largely known for by the public, besides the fun and scary stuff.  Each year, descendants and others honor the victims of the witch hysteria that unexpectedly put Salem on the map for fun and friendly tourism. At the Salem Witch Trials Memorial on Liberty St, roses are placed on each victim’s granite stone memorials during the week of Halloween.  Passerbys and those with a connection to the victim, through blood or otherwise, often leave notes, cards, flowers and other items as well.  Coins are a common item left behind by tourists and others sympathetic to the victims of this dark time.

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