Keystone Arch Bridges Trail (Middlefield, MA)

Date visited: April 16, 2016

Location: Herbert Cross Rd, Middlefield, MA)

Cost: Free

Parking: There are only about half a dozen parking spots at the main parking area.  People park on the side of the road before the parking area.

Trails: The website describes the trails as being moderate.  i would describe them as being easy with slightly moderate inclines.

Keystone Arches Bridge Trail website


The Keystone Arches Bridge Trail is full of surprises.  One of these surprises is a waterfall which is only a short jaunt down the main trail (about quarter of a mile from the entrance).


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Another short walk brings you to the main attraction, the Keystone Arch Bridge.


The bridge was made from local Chester blue granite and reach up to 70 feet.  There is a weathered, crumbling stairway up the side of the bridge.  Bear in mind, the stairs are a little tricky if you do take this route.  I took this stairway as far as I could.  The views were very pretty.



There is a train railroad that continues on to the bridge


The Keystone Arches Bridge Trail encompasses area that used to be an artist colony.  There are remnants of the colony present off the main trail

There was a clock tower


and the remnants of what used to be a swimming pool.  Anyone want to take a quick dip?


and some other foundations of what were once buildings


Along the trail there are many pretty trees, plants, waterfalls and other interesting structures and rocks.


The Keystone Arches Bridge Trail boasts a variety of wildlife such as moose, bobcats, fox and a variety of other animals.  I found this critter during my travels.


The 5 mile loop at Keystone Arches Bridge Trail are dirt trails with some jutting rocks and holes which often form puddles and dirt which must make it challenging for the cyclists who frequent the trail.  The trails are easy to moderate with some challenging inclines.  The website cautions the trail is not suitable for novice cyclists.


There are other arches and bridges at the Keystone Arches Bridge Trail and it is not unusual to see people climbing up some of the arches.  However, we only went about a couple miles before turning back because of time constraints (see future blog post).  The kayakers who frequent the stream at the Keystone Arches Trail, were absent due a white water race that particular day.  But, normally they are present in large numbers.

Along the trail are some impressive rapids.


I couldn’t help notice how the rapids mirror our own lives: rapid and frenzied activity one moment, calm, serene the next.

The video below gives a glimpse of the power, beauty and serenity of the rapids.


Durango, a 12 year old Australian Sheepdog, is the mascot of the Chester Railway Station And Museum and he’s a great tour guide.  The  Chester Railway Station Museum had organized a tour of the trail and Durango went along with them.


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