Magnolia Beach (Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA)

Date visited: February 20, 2016

Magnolia Beach

Open: everyday, 8 a.m. until sunset

A hidden gem of the Coolidge Reservation, Magnolia Beach is located a short walk from the main entrance (about a half mile walk).  From Coolidge Reservation, just take a left by the bridge off the main trail and you’ll find this sandy paradise.  Or, you can access the beach more directly from a lot at the main entrance in the nearby city of Gloucester.  Magnolia Beach is a fairly small beach so if you do plan on going, I would plan on getting there early as it must get packed during the summer days.


It was the perfect day for a walk along the beach – low tide, 50 degree weather and the waves were swelling.

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Magnolia Beach is a perfect for dogs and humans.  Gigi had fun playing catch.


The sea shells on the beach are very unique.


This house on the hill above the beach must have some great views.


One of the beach goers took advantage of the windy conditions to fly his or her kite.


Attached below is a video of the sights and sounds of the beach during my visit.



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